Instead of relying on commercial fabrics I now print my own patterns using traditional marbling techniques on cotton and silk. Each print is unique. Often I combine several prints in one piece, using hand applique and piecing. Then I draw on the surface with pencils and markers and finish up with quilting, usually by hand.

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I learned kaleidoscope piecing from Paula Nadlestern in 2000 and have incorporated additional surface design techniques such as hydro-printing, drawing and dyeing. I have taught this technique at the John C. Campbell Folk School since 2001

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My father was a landscape painter. Now I use traditional quilting techniques, machine and hand applique to create landscapes in fabric. Each piece has additional embellishment such as drawing, painting and embroidery.

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Starting in the 1970s I began receiving commissions to create large-scale fabric sculptures and architectural installations. Later I also worked with schools and organizations to design and fabricate community quilts.

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